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Prodigy Martial Arts will constantly strive to grow and build upon our existing foundation and incorporate innovative styles and techniques to ensure that we are not only better than we were yesterday, but are leaders in Martial Arts World wide.

We actively promote and value positive growth and learning from our challenges and our success’s, with a firm focus on our goal. This being to teach the highest quality of Martial Arts in Australia in a family friendly, fun environment.

We promise to maintain our impeccable service standards that allow us to extract the needs and goals of our students succinctly, and provide feedback in a highly tailored and personal way that ensures our students finish training with a smile from ear to ear.

At Prodigy, we strive to enhance the lives of each and every one of our students through Martial Arts on a physical, emotional and psychological level.


It is well documented how martial arts benefits us on a physical level, however it is often not fully understood just how powerfully effective it can be on all levels!

Yes, we see the hits and combative skills that actors on TV and in the movies make through carefully edited takes, but what the media frenzy fails to inform it's viewers on are the benefits that have been shown time and time again, and are accessible to EVERYONE and ANYONE. These being:

  1. Fitness and coordination

  2. Pride and accomplishment

  3. Mental strength and endurance

  4. Discipline and focus

  5. Passion

  6. Constantly seeking improvement and learning

  7. Doing well at what you do and doing what you love

  8. Anger management strategies

  9. Anti bullying strategies

  10. Increased confidence and self esteem

  11. Female and male role modelling

  12. Direction in life

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