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Grading is a vital part of a students training, and is a test and acknowledgement of their progress as a Martial Artist. They will be tested on what they have learnt at their current belt, to see if they are ready to progress to the next level; learn a new set of skills and achieve their next goal in Martial Arts and also help them build their confidence to set higher goal in everything that they do.

Grading is very similar to school exams. Students must stay focused while training (in class), go over and consolidate old and new information by training at home (studying and homework). Before grading, they should be revising all of their required sets. Above all, they must bring a positive attitude to each and every class, ready to learn and improve themselves.

Gradings occurs every 3 months. There will be given notice of the grading a month in advance, and students are expected to attend all their classes in the weeks approaching the grading to ensure they have revised everything they need to know.

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Although instructors will ensure that students are prepared for their grading, it is important that students take responsibility for their own progress, and ensure that they are practicing on their own as well. Do not rely solely on the instructors to get you through the grading syllabus. Take the initiative to practice everything by yourself as well.

To assist our students with learning and remembering patterns, we have created a video library. 

To assist our students with learning and remembering self defence, we have created a video library. 

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